Birth Story

Let me start by saying how much I love my sweet Celia… each and every day pregnant was worth it to bring her here.  That said, I was ready for her to come by week 37.  I know, I know… the longer the better and healthier… I get that but at a certain point, after so much discomfort… well, I just wanted to have her in my arms.  Of course I tried to savor it… swollen cankles, insane heartburn and sleepless nights and all because I knew she would be my last pregnancy.  The feeling of her turning in my belly and kicking me is something that I will never again experience so I tried to really enjoy every last minute… but it was rough.

So when I was at my 39 week appointment and the doc asked if I wanted to get things going… I jumped at the chance.  I came in 2 cm dialeted and left 3 :)

Of course I didn’t really know when labor would start but when 3:30pm came and passed I started to get discouraged.  That was the time I started active labor with Lucas… and went grocery shopping because apparently I am crazy.

I went on with the rest of the day with my family on high alert.

Around 8 I started feeling the beginnings of labor but just a twinge here and there. I really second guessed myself… which I found odd considering I’ve done this twice before. I talked to my mother-in-law to let her know we might require her babysitting services fairly soon.

At some point the contractions became clearly contractions and I was certain I was in labor. I was talking again to my MIL (have I mentioned how much I love her?) and I had to pause several times to get through a contraction. The only thing stopping us now was consistency… they were so sporadic… 16 minutes… then 5… then 20… nothing regular. To which the on call doc said to ‘monitor and call him when they were consistently 5 min apart’. Right about then was when my MIL came over to sleep on our couch… just in case we had to go to the hospital in the middle of the night. Better to sleep a full night on our couch then wake up in the middle of the night and have to hightail it over here.

So we all sat around chatting while I bemoaned how long this was taking. I complained about the irregularity and the pain with no progress. I just wanted to get started so we could get this show on the road. My MIL suggested, several times, to get up and walk around but I was too lazy/tired.

Around 11 we decided to attempt sleep. We still had 2 boys to take care of the next day and whoever that responsibility fell to should be well rested. I stood up to make my way upstairs… I didn’t really think I would sleep but at least I could play on my phone while Adam and Sandy did :) I took about 5 steps and I doubled over with an intense contraction… and then 4 minutes later I doubled over again. I stood there and again… 3 minutes later had a contraction. Zoinks.

I went to the bathroom and without getting too graphic, it was clear we needed to leave… now.

I stepped outside the bathroom and told Adam ‘now is when we kick it into high gear’. He grabbed our bags and we were out the door in less than 5 minutes. I didn’t even call the doc… I saved that for the ride to the hospital.

We were in the car driving at 11:45… for some reason the time sticks in my mind.  We get to the hospital and start the check in process… all the while in increasingly intense labor. I was kicking myself for not filling out the pre-registration forms… procrastination at its finest.  We get through there and head back to labor and delivery.

I am still doing ok at this point… contractions are intense and they shut me up but otherwise I am being my normal half snarky half sweet self.  We get to our room around a little after midnight.  I get hooked up just to check on the baby… she finally checks to see how dilated I am… 7 cm!  I was actually somewhat impressed.  I was really getting uncomfortable so the nurse unhooked me and let me take a warm shower… best idea EVER!  It didn’t take away the pain… it wasn’t a magical warm shower… but it did help dull the pain.  I stayed in there until I could no longer stand through a contraction.

I laid down and the nurse checked… 9.5cm.  I told the nurse that she needed to break my water… I was ready to push and baby girl wasn’t waiting anymore.  She said she had to wait for the doctor… she couldn’t be the one to break my water.   I politely told her to get him in here now… she called the front desk and requested he move faster.

Doctor walks in and I tell him to break my water now.  I remember this with Lucas… they waited and waited to break my water because the midwife was delivering 2 other babies at the same time and wasn’t there… and I was in excruciating pain the entire time.  Pain that should have been used to be pushing… not waiting.   I wasn’t about to wait any more.

He sits down and breaks my water at 2:18am.  I gave one half push and could feel her move down a bit.  Then I pushed with all my strength and let out what can only be described as an amazon like scream.  And that was it… one push and she was here.  Born at 2:20am. The first thing I said after she was born was “Oh my God, I love you so much”.

After a few minutes when things died down, Adam texted his mom ‘here’.  For a split second she wondered why had it taken us so long to get to the hospital… then it hit her. Biscuit was here already!


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  1. Barbara Jo Sorensen says:

    Beautiful story. I think the story of celia’s birth will become emblematic or a metaphor for her life. She will be decisive and quick and once she chooses a path the world ought to step back respectfully and watch that girl go.

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